Live with less resistance

Consciously create your life using practical planning and mystical moon cycles.
I am here to help, guide, empower, connect, and inspire people.
Personally, I've learned through experience in the last several years that manifestation Works, and I'm fascinated that we can supercharge our intentions by timing them with the moon. I'm forever curious about the cosmos and our interplay, and Moonology™ has been my way to attune to nature.
We can change the world one thought at a time.
What is Moonology™?

Moonology™ is a portion of astrology that focuses on how the moon enhances the Law of Attraction.  By practicing forgiveness, gratitude, and intention setting in accordance with the monthly phases of the moon, you can realize your own natural power to create.
The World is Changing

We're in a paradigm shift.  We're moving out of an era ruled by fear, domination, and consumerism, and into a time of compassion, connection, and higher purpose.  Be part of the change.  YOU are in integral part of this transformation. 

What I Do

🌑  Goal Setting

That's the practical way of saying, "Making Wishes."  I teach you ways to get clear on your intentions and discover what really matters to you.  We make New Moon wishes, and release them to the universe for assistance in orchestrating the outcome.

 🌒 Action Plan

This is where the Practical and the Mystical meet.  Determining the very next step, and the step after that, gets us within reach of our vision.  Timing those steps with the moon makes getting to our goal a whole lot easier!

 🌕 Roadblock Removal

I help you get out of your own way.  When we hold too much junk, clutter, or baggage, we're stuck in the same cyclical reality.  Break free from the negative charge, dump the baggage, and take flight.  Don't worry: it's non-invasive.  This is your practice, I just show you how to work on your own stuff.

🌓  Power Up

Any time is a great time to feel appreciation for all the good in your life.  Frequently practicing gratitude positions you to do better and to feel better.  It also brings your dreams to life.  Learn the best times for your gratitude practice, and when to focus on certain areas of your life. 

Join me!

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Hi, I'm Sarah

I’m a dreamer, a hard worker, and I love to encourage and inspire people.
A number of years ago, I started a habitual practice that I call "calibrating."  About twice a year, I stop to think about what is going well, what isn't, what has worked, and what has not.  I consider work, my business, health, relationships, finances etc.  It's something I ruminate over for about two days.  I really get in the zone about it, taking a break from daily demands and distractions.  The pattern that emerged astounded me:  Whenever I incorporated the Law of Attraction into my calibration practice, IT WORKED.  I looked back on notes for the previous few years, and it couldn't be more obvious that all the "lofty" goals I set came true through a set of unlikely coincidences.  Meeting the right people, dealing with good or bad surprises, getting lucky breaks etc.  I no longer believe in coincidences.   Experiencing uncanny co-incidences time after time is the universe assuring me that there is some cosmic cooperation at play.  And to the universe, I say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, for delivering the right teachers, and the right resources at the right times."   I've since expanded my studies.  Incorporating natural cycles of the moon have enhanced my practices, and have permitted my life to flow smoothly.   I feel very fortunate to be in the position to share these practices with you, so that you, too, can experience the magic, and feel empowered to create a better life here on Earth.
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